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Partnership, Shareholder And Operating Agreements

A Detail-Oriented Approach To Your Partnership

Sound business practices require strong and well-drafted agreements that establish clear roles and rules, especially when serious disputes arise. Regardless of your specific legal needs, you should know that one of your new venture's most valuable assets is an experienced attorney. 

Individualized Help In Setting Up Customized Business Agreements

I am Elizabeth Estes, a lawyer dedicated to protecting the best interests of your business. As your attorney, it is my job to ensure that all parties involved in your business are on the same page.

I combine my business law experience and in-depth insight in drafting agreements that include:

  • Operating agreements

  • Partnership agreements

  • Shareholder agreements


These agreements detail the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved including:

  • Governance of the company

  • Distributions of profits and losses

  • Management structure

  • Duties and obligations of partners/shareholders

  • Processes for adding or removing partners, members or shareholders

  • Requirements for and restrictions on transferring interest in the company

Contact Estes Law Firm, PLLC, In Ahwatukee

For help in drafting your business agreements, fill out my online contact form or call my Phoenix-area law office at 480-656-3733.

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