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Your Divorce Does Not Have To Go To Trial


I established Estes Law Firm, PLLC, to help residents of Phoenix, Chandler and my home base of Ahwatukee. Mediation offers an alternative to the cost, time and emotional drain of a traditional litigated divorce.

I am Elizabeth Estes, as family law attorney and mediator, I will help you make good make good choices when you are facing tough decisions.  


A Lawyer Focused On The Best Possible Outcome For You And Your Children


The stakes are high in divorce, both personally and financially. As soon as the process begins, you want it to be over. While you may assume that litigation is the only option to resolve the specific issues of divorce, mediation is efficient and typically costs far less than the standard litigated divorce. The short-term and long-term benefits are numerous.

Mediation is less adversarial than litigation and allows the divorcing couples to control the divorce process. Because the process is less adversarial, the divorcing couple’s relationship with their children and other family members often do not experience the same stress associated with a litigated divorce.

In mediation, spouses meet with a mediator who serves as a neutral third party to discuss each spouse’s concerns and goals regarding property division, child support and all other issues relevant to the divorce. Ultimately, the mediator facilitates an agreement that resolves the issues and addresses each spouse’s concerns and goals.

Mediators do not take sides. They will not do anything to provide one side an advantage over the other. The goal is for both sides to work together and arrive at a mutually acceptable divorce agreement. Separate legal counsel to represent your personal interests is not necessary for mediation, but is recommended, at least to review any agreements before they are signed.    

Explore The Option Of Mediation To Resolve Divorce-Related Disputes

For more information on mediation and to schedule an initial consultation, call Estes Law Firm, PLLC, conveniently located near Chandler, at 480-656-3733. I can also be reached through my online intake form.

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